About Us

Hub Migration believes that our support extends beyond the processing of your visa application. We offer immigration assistance and expertise with a contemporary twist. We understand that the work that we do changes lives and that engagement throughout the process is vital in order for our clients to realise the dream of moving to Australia. This engagement also extends to onshore support and assistance towards permanent residency and citizenship. Hub Migration actively profiles success stories, promotes engagement, introduces appropriate partners and keeps you informed through our blog and social media groups. Whether you are looking for the appropriate visa, permanent residency options, health insurance, money transfers, removals or a general support we can help..

Meet the Team

Hub Migration Australia was founded by Christopher Pitt in 2017. Chris has worked in various sales positions involving international recruitment, skilled migration and international education.He successfully completing the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice at Victoria University and became a registered migration agent shortly thereafter. Chris runs all aspects Hub Migration Australia as Founder and Managing Director.