Moving to Australia from England – Things you should know

Moving to Australia from England – Things you should know

Moving to Australia from England – Things you should know

People who immigrate from England to Australia will tell you it feels surprisingly similar to home, particularly for a country over 9000 miles away. Australia and England’s history are obviously intertwined from the last few centuries and this has played a leading role in the two countries’ similarities. This hotter home-from-home has attracted over 1.2 million Brits to up sticks and make a new life for themselves in Oz. Australia is a country that has it all, but there are a few differences to be aware so you’re ready for the big move. 


Family and friends can visit easily on a tourist visa

Due to the close political relationship between the UK and Australia, its easy for family and friends to visit you. After special restrictions imposed from the covid-19 crisis are lifted, your visitors are welcomed to stay for up to three months. The free online visa is valid for entry to Australia for over 12 months from the date it’s granted. The visa can be obtained through the Australian Department of Home Affairs


Medicare covers you for basic free healthcare

The healthcare system in Australia is very good. And luckily, the UK and Australia have a reciprocal agreement to treat each other’s citizens. If you are in Australia and get sick you are entitled to a limited number of Medicare services. Be sure to top this up with some appropriate insurance when you first visit!


Cost of living in Australia vs UK is better than you think

The day-to-day cost of living is higher in Australia than most other countries. It’s the 16th most expensive country in the world, however residents also have the 8th best average wage. This means a better lifestyle for residents, and immigrants, working and living in Australia. To learn more visit our Guide To The Cost Of Living In Australia blog.


Housing is more expensive in Australia but you get more for your money

The median average house price in Australia was $809,349 at the end of last year. Whereas, the UK just a few months later the median sat at $436,889 (£230,332) in February 2020. Despite this hefty difference, it’s not that straight forward. Australia has the biggest house plots in the world. On average, their houses have three times the floor space of their British equivalents


The weather is amazing but can vary

It’s no secret, the weather in Australia is way better than the UK. When comparing the two countries capitals, Sydney enjoys a 70% chance of clear skies on average all year round. Whereas London varies far more, with miserable lows of 30% in winter and only 65% chance during it’s summer. Aussies enjoy better average temperatures and lower rainfall throughout the country, however don’t expect it to be summer all year round. Southern cities like Melbourne are famed for their temperamental weather and chillier winter months. Whilst Melburnians claim they can experience four seasons in one day, they still enjoy beautiful dry summers with highs of over 30 degrees celsius in peak months.


Be prepared for a hot Christmas

England has the opposite summer months to Australia, therefore the peak heat tends to centre around New Year and Christmas. For ‘poms’ moving from England to Australia, a BBQ turkey dinner on the beach can take some getting used to.


Embrace the day to day differences in your new home

Apart from the reassuring fact they drive on the left side of the road, there are lots of new things you’ll learn to love when you’re moving to Australia from England. You’ll be drinking schooners and eating kanga bangers with your new Aussie buddies in no time!

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