Moving to Regional Australia

Moving to Regional Australia

The increasing cost of housing in Australia’s major cities is a burden on

Australian citizens, permanent residents and new migrants alike.

This has influenced a recent trend towards migration to country Australian


Rent in regional centres can be up to 30% cheaper than Sydney, Melbourne and

Brisbane. With shorter commutes and more space, the cost of living in general is

significantly lower.

In fact there are many reasons to consider moving to a rural hub, including

career and business opportunities.

Regional centres in New South Wales have seen resurgence in the last decade,

with a strengthening of rural development from both Governments and the

private sector. This has been partly driven by increased domestic tourism and

massive investment in Australia’s rich farmlands to feed the ever-growing world


Technology has also been a large influence; Australia’s new and vast National

Broadband Network (NBN) is ensuring that businesses in regional Australia can

compete with access to a high-speed Internet connection.

Physical location is now less important when it comes to conducting business

and many regional towns are developing call centres and other online services –

a type of rural outsourcing.

For migrants, a major upside to these developments is that there are skills

shortages in country towns and regional hubs as much as the major cities.

There are also opportunities for students with six universities in rural centres in

the Eastern states, and a number of major universities with regional campuses.

With improving infrastructure, many rural centres now have equal access to

healthcare, quality schools and all the conveniences of a city. Lifestyle is another

major factor; not just home affordability, spaciousness and short commutes, but

also low crime rates, communities and healthy living should factor into choosing

your ideal destination.

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