NSW Announces 2018-19 Skills List

NSW Announces 2018-19 Skills List

A successful state nomination adds five additional points to the overall points score of an applicant for a permanent visa.


After being closed before the end of the last financial year, the New South Wales Government has commenced the immigration program for the financial year 2018-19.

Like all other state and territory governments in Australia, NSW runs its own skilled migration program together with the Department of Home Affairs under which the state government supports the skilled visa applications based on the needs of the state’s economy and skill needs.

The NSW government has commenced the immigration program with a new skill list for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190). Under the 190 program, the NSW government nominates skilled workers with an occupation on the NSW Priority Skilled Occupation List, which is also called NSW 190 List. Nominated visa holders have to commit to living and working in NSW for their first two years in Australia on this visa.

The 190, like the 189 Skilled Independent visa, is a points-tested visa. Applicants who receive state nomination are awarded five additional points towards their overall points score.

With the points cut off for some visas climbing as high as 85, migration agents say state nomination is helpful for many applicants in securing the requisite points.

“It’s especially helpful for occupations like the accountants who need at least 85 points to receive an invite from the Department of Home Affairs to apply for a permanent visa. If someone already has 80, another five points can come from the state nomination,” says Jujhar Bajwa of Bajwa Immigration Consultants.

It’s also considered a great pathway to permanent residency for applicants with trades occupations.

“Generally, applicants with trades don’t have enough points to apply for Skilled Independent visas. The additional points that come with state nomination can buttress their case,” Ranbir Singh of Lakshya Migration told SBS Punjabi.
Though the occupations of cook, hotel and motel managers, special needs teachers have been removed from the list, management consultant has been added this time.

“Enrolled nurse occupation that is particularly popular among the South Asian applicants continues to stay on the list which is a big relief considering this occupation has very few options elsewhere,” Mr Singh added.

The NSW Government says under this program, top-ranking candidates in occupations are invited throughout the year and the candidates are required to meet the eligibility requirements of both the state and the federal government.

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