Top Regional Hubs in New South Wales

Top Regional Hubs in New South Wales

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the trends in migration to regional Australia for both affordability and quality of life.

This week we are looking more specifically at country New South Wales and what opportunities might be available for you and your family.

There are some beautiful and vibrant regional hubs in New South Wales. These include the towns of Armidale, Tamworth, Dubbo, Orange Mudgee, Parkes and Wagga Wagga.

In Sydney, the median house price is now over $1 million Australian Dollars. In any of these regional hubs, this amount will buy at least two large homes with cash left over! These aren’t in the outer industrial suburbs either; they can be newer, larger residences perfect for families and with a maximum commute into town of ten minutes.

These towns are also no longer boring provincial villages, but vibrant and cosmopolitan hubs. You can experience craft and farmers markets, local cafes and a network of amazing regional galleries and museums. Orange has colonial architecture and wonderful fine-dining restaurants, Mudgee has small bars and beautiful wineries, Parkes prides itself on its café culture and delightful festivals, and Tamworth is renowned for its country music.

Your family will also have stunning natural beauty to experience minutes from your door. Rugged parklands, sweeping cliffs, stunning waterfalls and breathtaking country roads offer the opportunity for families to enjoy outdoor experiences every week.

Business opportunities range from education and professional services to research, administration, retail, hospitality, light manufacturing and medical services. All these growing towns have opportunities for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Your property investment is not stagnant either. In Dubbo for instance, the median 3-bedroom house price is $345,000, which is up 34% in the last five years. Picturesque Mudgee’s median house price is up 9% in the last year alone, and is now at $382,000.

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